Pet supplies for ALL your pets, from dogs to fish and more. Gardeners - be thrilled with our huge selection of organic & conventional garden needs. A full greenhouse and yard carries every plant you need. And Crafters - we carry yarn, fat quarters, notions and craft supplies. Monday - Friday 8 - 5:30, Saturday 8 - 2, Sunday 9-1

What keeps Finan happy?  

Lots of exercise, loads of love and great food!  Finan eats Earthborn and ProPac holistic foods.  Ask us about our club - buy 12 and get 1 FREE!!

Flip top shaker lids for regular mouth pint and quart canning jars are amazing!  Try them with your dried herbs - or use them for crafts!!

SALE on Harman stoves, through September 14, 2015.  

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Love your flowers?

Try Dr. Earth fertilizer for huge happy flowers that say "I love you!"

Mums are here!!  
$4.69 each for big beautiful plants!!

Mrs. Wages mixes are always in stock and now is when you really need them!  Pickles, beets, dilly beans, salsa, guacamole and more!!

Fertilizer for big flowers!  We have FoxFarm, Dr. Earth, Miracle Gro and Agway.

Come in and we'll help you choose just the right thing!

FoxFarm fertilizers make big flowers!! Buy it by the quart or gallon and watch your gardens grow!!
Canning jars make great sun tea or infused water 
drink jars, too!

Hamsters are here - cute pets for everyone in the family!

Fertilizers for every part of your garden is right here, at great prices!  Visit us today!!

Save $200.00 on Harman pellet stoves!  Print the coupon here on our page and we'll match it!  See us about our stoves and service!
With the recent rain, and warm temps in the forecast, this is the perfect time for fertilizing. Our selection of organic and conventional fertilizers will give you the tomatoes you dream about!!

We sell and service Harman Pellet Stoves.  Visit us for pricing!

Love your hummingbirds? Try our window feeder and watch the hummingbirds all day long.  It's perfect for everyone in the family!!