Pet supplies for ALL your pets, from dogs to fish and more. Gardeners - be thrilled with our huge selection of organic & conventional garden needs. A full greenhouse and yard carries every plant you need. And Crafters - we carry yarn, fat quarters, notions and craft supplies. Monday - Friday 8 - 5:30, Saturday 8 - 5, Sunday 9 - 1

This weekend - our Greenhouse Opening SALE!  Visit us and save like crazy on black oil bird seed, trees, shrubs, flowers, mulch and more!!

Look at this - pottery, lawn edging, window boxes in plastic and terra cotta . . .  It's beautiful in the greenhouse!
Our greenhouse is filling up! Come in and smell the flowers!!

Check out our prices and you'll be SO happy!!
Put in on your calendar.  Saturday April 30 is our Greenhouse and Yard Opening.  
We'll have sales on items in and out of the store, and cupcakes, too!!

Do you love beta fish?  
 We carry betas, bowls, plants, decor, food and more.  
Visit to see our great selection!

And for reptile enthusiasts we have food, bedding, lights and much more!

Pansies are here!  Flowers and baskets arrive next week, and the greenhouse opens on the 30th!!  It's spring!!!

Visit us for apple and orchard tree care.  We'll help you get just the right thing!


Visit and check out Lynne's display of eggs from different chicken breeds!  Our list of the chicken breeds we'll have is on our Chicken and Poultry page.

Getting chicks?  Check our feed and supplies prices first!  You'll love our chick feed prices and layer pellets, too!

Deer blocks are on SALE, while supplies last!  

Help the deer in this last little bit of winter!!

It's time to spray your orchard trees!  We have All Seasons Oil and Fruit Tree Spray for apples, pears, peaches and more!
Thinking chickens?  Our chicken breed list, with arrival dates, is on our Chicken and Poultry page.

Visit us in the store to reserve your chickens today!

We carry health supplies for dogs, cats, small animals and fish.  If there's a need for Elizabethan Collars, we have them, too.