Pet supplies for ALL your pets, from dogs to fish and more. Gardeners - be thrilled with our huge selection of organic & conventional garden needs. A full greenhouse and yard carries every plant you need. And Crafters - we carry yarn, fat quarters, notions and craft supplies. Monday - Friday 8 - 5:30, Saturday 8 - 2, Closed Sundays until April.
There's a few left - hardy climbing roses that will make you so happy come spring!!

SALE price is 35% off!!

We still have some pretty roses and perennials.  Get them at a great price - they are hardy for our area and can be planted now.

Got fleas?  Try a flea trap.  No poison, easy to use, and they work!
Don't let your dogs go out without safety collars and leashes!  Visit us for orange, pink and green!

Look!  Tell people you love your dogs, cats and chickens with auto magnets and stickers!!

What can you buy at Foxcroft Agway?  Canning supplies, indoor growing needs, yarn, dog food, poultry feed . . .  The list goes on!!!
There won't be a chicken swap or farm swap this weekend.  Due to the fears of Avian Flu, we have decided that it's better to wait til next year.
Earthborn and Pro Pac dog food are holistic food with grain-free recipes are great for all your dogs!!  Buy any bag of Earthborn or Pro Pac and save 50% on Earthborn Holistic treats!!
What's here at Foxcroft Agway?  Something for everyone!!
Fertilizer and soils for indoor growers, crafting supplies, seeds for fall, and a SALE on Earthborn dog treats!!!

Dog food, toys, treats and so much more, too!!

Indoor growers, we have you covered!  Germinating mixes from Moo Doo, Dr. Earth and Happy Frog.  Plastic grow pots - 1 to 7 gallons. FoxFarm, Dr. Earth and more!!!

Betta fish make great pets.  Choose from a variety of colors, and get everything you need!

What keeps Finan happy?  

Lots of exercise, loads of love and great food!  Finan eats Earthborn and ProPac holistic foods.  Ask us about our club - buy 12 and get 1 FREE!!

Flip top shaker lids for regular mouth pint and quart canning jars are amazing!  Try them with your dried herbs - or use them for crafts!!

SALE on Harman stoves, through September 14, 2015.  

Visit us for more information!

Love your flowers?

Try Dr. Earth fertilizer for huge happy flowers that say "I love you!"